National Architecture Week at UP Diliman





NAW or the National Architecture Week is an annual tradition of the architectural profession in the Philippines. At UP Diliman, we take this opportunity to showcase the fresh and dynamic ideas of our aspiring architecture students. This year, NAW will focus on the diverse spectrum of architecture, breaking it down into its array of hues- The Chromatics of Architecture.

This will be on Dec 10th to the 14th at the UP College of Architecture. Don’t miss this once a year experience so drop on by and get ready for a fun-filled learning experience. What’s more, get a chance to win cash and great prizes through our exciting activities!

Here’s what’s in store for you this week:

Monday, December 10

An event that aims to showcase the skills of UP Arki students, ArkiFest includes competitions that challenge the knowledge and creativity of the Arki student. Activities would span the entire day and would include esquisses and a game show.

Iskolarchitecture: Making Sense of Form and Function

Opening: Tuesday, December 11

A continuation of the project launched during last semester’s Arki Week, Iskolarchitecture will resume its exhibition of architectural trivia and facts about UP Diliman. The showcases will be presented at the College and in different areas within the University.

Facadeista 2012: Starchitect Portfolios: Yielding the Master’s Mind

Wednesday, December 12

Facadeista 2012 is a revival of 2010’s eye–‐catching display of famous architecture icons weaved into fashion design. A competition among the freshmen, the design entries will present the iconic works of renowned architects through fashion.

Flow: Keeping Architecture in Motion

Thursday, December 13

Flow is a series of talks that focus on how architecture relates to other professions. Architecture graduates and current architecture students share their experiences in working with other professions.

Architect, sure!

Friday, December 14

Architect, sure! Is a series of sharing sessions by professors and current architecture students on the daily life and requirements on being a student of the UP College of Architecture. This aims to make students from other colleges with plans on shifting to feel more comfortable with their decisions. This also serves as a way to encourage Freshmen to pursue this course, as well as remind upper classmen why they chose the course in the first place.

The National Architecture Week 2012 is co-presented by the UP Architecture Student Council and CDR-King

NAW is brought to you by our sponsors- The National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Dairy Queen, and Rodic’s Diner

With our Organizational Partners- The University Student Council, UP Junior Marketers’ Association, UP Street Dance Club, UP Klub Tala, UP Floorball Club, UP Kustura, UP Economics Society, ASAPhil-UP, and the UP Architecture Forum

And, our Media Partners-, and DZUP 1602.

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