Narra Watches: Made from Nature, Made for Man

The beauty in fashion lies within the evolving trends that emerge from the extraordinary extent of the human imagination. Every so often, a distinct style—initially deemed as bizarre and unconventional—takes the fashion industry by storm with its refreshing visuals that deviate from the mundane genre of the current pop culture.

If you think that “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen it all”, such isn’t the case in the world of fashion. Designers continually come up with unexplored ideas that vary from season to season depending on the society’s demands. Usually, this demand is the people’s desire for a new look that will set them apart from others.

Take Narra Watches, for example. This passion project showcases a unique material that allows it to stand out in the market: wood.

This isn’t something you see everyday. Narra Watches aims to create something unconventional yet stylish by using a natural source.

The fact that it’s almost entirely made out of wood (with the exception to its gold details and operating mechanism) does not compromise its quality at all. The team behind the brand ensures that it’s still durable and sophisticated — just like the Philippines’ Narra Tree. It’s even splash-proof!

Note: Narra Watches are not carved from the endangered Narra Tree. They use Sandalwood as an alternative, which is environmentally-responsible.

The Classic Dawn in Red Sandalwood and White is a warm and brown watch with a bright, pearly-white dial.

The Classic Dusk in Dark Sandalwood and Black is a dark brown watch with a jet-black dial.

Specs: 40mm diameter, Miyota 2035 movement, quartz watch, butterfly clasp, and battery operated.

Both variants are unisex and perfectly easy to match with your clothes, whether you’re in casual or formal attire. It’s also easily adjustable to fit your wrist size.

Narra Watches is a true embodiment of timeless fashion. Dare to be different by choosing a product made for a modern wardrobe.

Now is the best time to give yourself or your loved one a gift from Narra Watches! They are offering 25% off on all of their products until the end of May. This makes for a perfect graduation present, or a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift! Take advantage of free shipping nationwide, too! Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 15 days from receipt.

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