Nang dahil sa sobrang asukal (TrueTea Iced Tea)

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Our grandparents will always have a special place in our hearts. We look forward to seeing them and visiting them in our province. When we were kids, we look up to our grandparents as the one who guides us and spoils us whenever our parents are not around. Now we are all grown-ups, we miss the moments especially the times spent with them on how they took care of us – cooking our favorite food, our bedtime stories, and the way they discipline us.

As time passes by, we seldom see them and some of us, because our busy schedule does not permit us the chance to visit them.

This video tells us a story of a typical lola’s boy. His childhood memories about his “pasaway” na lola who is fond of too much sweets like leche flan, turon, ensaymada, tablea, and who drinks a lot of soda/softdrinks each day. Because of his love, he tolerated his lola to continue her fondness of eating sweets almost every single day until such time the complications of Diabetes such as blindness and weakness has taken its toll on his lola’s health. This boy, who grew up and worked in the city who built his own career and have his family of his own, went back to his province and reminisce all the wonderful memories and painful memories of his lola who passed away because of her Diabetes. Now, he is sharing something good to his family and reiterates the value of prioritizing their health which is a priceless possession he could ever give to his family.

We hope that we learn something from this video, if we let our loved ones consume too much sweets and allow them to this, Diabetes and its complications will be the consequence of our negligence. We can do something that our loved ones could be thankful for. By giving them a NO SUGAR ADDED Iced Tea like TRUETEA ICED TEA, we can satisfy their cravings for sweets without the worries because TRUETEA ICED TEA is sweetened naturally with Stevia. The good thing about TRUETEA is that, it has no artificial sweeteners. Everyone one can enjoy this refreshing drink, even you, your friends, family, lolos and lolas can have this everyday. Truly, our health is a priceless possession and is in our hands. Let us continue to share and enjoy the goodness of tea without the sugar with TRUETEA ICED TEA.

TRUETEA ICED TEA is also made with real black tea leaves, has Vitamin C, and has only 20 calories per serving. Ideal for every member of the family.

TRUETEA ICED TEA is available in all supermarkets nationwide such as SM Hypermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Rustans, Landmark, South Supermarket, Lazada, and all leading supermarkets and online shops nationwide.