NAIA ranks 10th place as ‘Most Improved Airport in the World 2018’

If you have traveled through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), whether domestic or international, you have probably experienced some inconveniences that you can get from traveling. As someone who has traveled several times through NAIA, I have seen and experienced things like enduring heat in the airport because the air-conditioning system was not working, inefficient check-in due to the insufficient number of personnel at the immigration counters, inefficient manual checking of carry-on baggage, difficulty of getting a taxi, or worse, paying a super high premium when you get one, and more.

Still, the government seems to be doing things to improve the situation at NAIA. Although it feels like what we are taking are baby steps, it is still good to know that we are taking steps forward.

Recently, the Skytrax World Airports Awards released their findings for 2018. NAIA got the 10th place as the “Most Improved Airport in the World 2018”.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) shared this good news on Facebook.


The winners for “Most Improved Airports in the World” awards are out and MANILA (NAIA) is number 10!

The recognition for the “World’s Most Improved Airport” is based on the relative year-on-year quality performance by all airports featured in the World Airport Survey. It takes into account the change in rating together with performance changes across the different product and service categories in the awards.

Congratulations, MIAA GM Ed Monreal and the entire NAIA team! #DOTrPH#AviationAndAirportSectorWorks ???

Last time I flew, that was on March 9, well, the air-conditioning was better but I have yet to notice other major improvements. Maybe there were lots of improvements done but just like everyone, we’d like to see photos of the improvements.

Still, this is a great news and a step towards the right direction.

Here’s the top 10:

Kudos to the people behind NAIA! 🙂

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