Nadine Lustre Says ‘No’ To Gerald Anderson As A Potential Leading Man

When discussing her recent and future successes on Tonight With Boy Abunda Nadine Lustre was asked for her opinion on a slew of actors. TV show host Boy Abunda gave her a list of male celebrities and asked whether she would be willing to work with them next on any potential projects. ABS-CBN’s video shows them playing the game and Nadine responding either “indak” (yes)or “tadyak” (no) to the options.

nadine lustre gerald anderson

Source: Instagram @nadine (left); @andersongeraldjr (right)

When shown photos of the respective actors Nadine was faced with the choice of yes or no. She readily said yes to Enrique Gil, explaining that “we’re friends”. She also so said yes to Piolo Pascual, asking “why not?” and Coco Martin, saying that he is “a really nice guy”.

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However, she replied in the negative for Joshua Garcia, citing that he was too young, and Daniel Padilla “para walang gulo” [so there is no drama] with KathNiel fans.

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Most interestingly, she quickly and laughingly said ‘no’ when Gerald Anderson’s photo was shown. When questioned by Tito Boy she waved the query away and said with another laugh: “Basta, Tito Boy!” Tito Boy, on his part, didn’t force the issue and acknowledged: “Wag na natin pilitin.” [Let’s not force it.]

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