Nadine Lustre Responds To A Blogger’s Claim That James Was “Rude”

Oooh, don’t mess with Nadine.

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The actress-host posted a series of Instagram Stories that JaDine fans have speculated to be directed towards a blogger who made claims about James Reid’s behavior, as well as about James and Nadine’s relationship.

On her Instagram Stories, Nadine posted:

“What’s the matter? Can’t handle all the attention you asked for?”

“Making sh*t up and hating on me cuz truth is… b*tch, u actually a fan.”

Nadine even used the hashtag #InDeenial, which is thought to be a jab towards Dee Alfaro, the blogger who made said claims.

This was in response to Dee, who posted her own series of Instagram stories about James’ alleged rude behavior, and claimed that Ivan Dorschner spilled some rather ill-sounding comments about James and Nadine’s relationship.

According to Dee, she was hanging out in the same nightclub as James was when she spotted two girls who came up to him for a photo and turned them down.

“So, I was out chillin’ in the smoking area of the nightclub and it was actually James Reid himself who I’d spotted first.

And of course, I wanted to get a picture with him but also, at the same time, I didn’t want to be the fun girl caught up to him asking for a picture, in case he’d turn me down.”

“I kind of waited until two other girls came up to him and approached him and asked for the picture. He wasn’t entertaining them at all, he turned them down, obviously, and he just kept having a go at his little fag.

So I was like, okay, not a hope.”

In another Story, Dee also apparently hung out with Ivan Dorschner, who apparently made comments about “the ins and outs of the industry” and claimed that Nadine was “such a manipulative controling bitch of a girlfriend.”

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