N.E.W. Fashion and Beauty Bazaar Year 2: Where Cheap and Chic Finds Reside

N.E.W. Fashion and Beauty Bazaar Year 2: Where Cheap and Chic Finds Reside





Weekends are the most awaited days of many. What with all the hard work you need to do during the weekdays, one can surely get exhausted and stressed. People would most likely look forward for a day to unwind and relax. And in the case of most women, our instant therapy is, yes – to shop.

Last November 14 to 16, weekend in-style scouts had their closets and hearts filled with a ton of shopping love as countless entrepreneurs and the Network for Enterprising Women (N.E.W.) staged the N.E.W. Fashion and Beauty Bazaar Year 2 at the Megatrade Hall 3 at SM Megamall!

Shoppers of all ages got to enjoy many exclusive things during the bazaar. Take a peek at what happened during that super fashionable weekend!


N.E.W. Fashion and Beauty Bazaar Year 2

6. Super duper sales!



Yes! Sales, sales and more sales! There were a lot of high quality yet affordable clothes and beauty products available at the bazaar that you wouldn’t think twice about purchasing an item or two. 5 pairs of shoes for a thousand pesos? Makeup goodies for less than P50? That is how insanely low the prices got!

5. Free makeovers!


A turn to the left and you’ll spot Center for Aesthetic Center’s posh chair and in the marvelous hands of their in-house makeup artist – tadaaaah! A spin of the chair and say hello to a prettified you! Other booths also offered makeovers, and shoppers got to experience a dazzling transformation for free!

4. It’s a great help to female entrepreneurs.





The organization gathered Filipina entrepreneurs to set up their businesses and help promote their brand. Isn’t it more fulfilling to know that you’re actually helping out your own fellow Filipinas?


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