Myth Busting for Fitness Beginners: The Things You Actually Need and Don’t Need at the Gym

4. Any other supplement

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So we discussed the basic supplement. How about everything else?

I think you’d be able to reason out the verdict on this one.

Other dietary supplements for fitness like BCAA’s, pre-workouts, fish oil, glutamine, creatine, etc. are all exactly what they are: supplements. They are there to give you an edge once you have a solid foundation of diet and exercise. It’s incredibly easy for people to fall into the trap of buying these supplements for the promised benefits that their manufacturers place on their branding.

For beginners? It’s simpler and more beneficial for them to start and get a grasp of proper nutrition and make that the backbone of their fitness journey rather than some pill or powder that they think will get them to the body of their dreams. The only reason I said protein powder was essential because it contains the most basic building block for muscle building in a consumable form that can serve as alternatives for people who really need it but can’t get it from solid food. As for everything else, always consider their role as something that helps only if you already laid a solid foundation.

Verdict: Not essential as a beginner. Think about these supplements once you get a good few months or even a year under your belt.

5. A Fitness Log

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If you’re serious about getting fit and making fitness a part of your life, knowing where to start and how to progress from there is key to making sure you have a path to stick to so you can be consistently getting better the more days go by. Keeping a log or a journal of the workouts you have, the food you ate, or both can be beneficial for beginners looking for something to keep them on the path to gains.

I consider it essential for beginners because of how easy it is to overestimate or underestimate the amount you lift or the food you eat. Being able to track and review what you lifted and did at the gym the previous session makes sure that you’ll be able to do something more the next time you’re there. Looking at the food you eat and tracking it allows beginners to make adjustments to their goals whether they want to gain, lose, or maintain weight.

VerdictEssential, especially for those beginners who have trouble staying consistent.

6. Specialized Blender Bottles/Shakers

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There’s really no reason for someone to buy blender bottles or shakers other than the fact that they look cool.

For those who don’t know, shakers and blender bottles are tumblers that sometimes come with specialized “blender balls” or little pieces of metal that help mix your supplement of choice. They come in a variety of designs, some features your favorite superhero insignia while others have stylized motivational quotes.

I enjoy having several of these shakers at home; they make me feel like a true gym rat mixing my protein shake quickly and downing it as I leave the gym. Although I do have to admit you don’t really need more than one. Other than design and preference, there’s not much difference between shaker bottles other than their size and brand.

For those who are just starting out at the gym, you probably need only one since you have protein powder, but even protein powder can be mixed with any regular tumbler that you can shake. Buying more than one? That’s up to you and how much you really want blender bottles and shakers, but there are honestly better things to invest in.

Verdict: Not essential. Virtually anything else that can mix the powder into a liquid will do.

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Do you have anything to add to our list of beginner fitness items? Let us know!

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