Myspace Tom Is In The Philippines!

Way, way before Facebook, the Philippines was obsessed with… Friendster. But for the United States and pretty much the rest of the world, it was clear that Myspace was its predecessor. Still, there was a pretty sizable number of Pinoys who used Myspace — whether it was to fit in with your cool, “stateside” cousin or to follow an artist or band you liked so much. And before Mark Zuckerberg rose to fame as one of today’s top tech icons, Myspace users were familiar with one name only — Myspace Tom.

Myspace Tom was automatically your first friend when you signed up on the social network, always using that same photo — a twentysomething guy with cropped hair, grinning over his shoulder.

Nowadays, though, Tom is enjoying retirement from the social network scene, and now enjoys traveling the world and taking amazing photos.

Tom shares his amazing snaps through his Instagram account, @myspace tom. Which leads us to wonder… when is he going to visit the Philippines?

Wonder no more, because Tom is HERE!

Myspace Tom posted this photo on Instagram four days ago:

A post shared by Tom Anderson (@myspacetom) on

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol ?? Philippines ! Tonight I’m flying back to PI–a country I haven’t been to since 2012 when I took this photo. I heard there’s been earthquake damage at this spot… sad ? When I was there last we narrowly escaped a major storm. This time in starting in Palawan and going straight to El Nido but I’ve done Zero planning. Anyone got any tips? Help your old friend out!! ? Hope to post some new shots while I’m out there ???. Need Palawan suggestions!!! ???

Meanwhile, he took this amazing photo in Palawan with his drone… before it fell straight into the ocean.

Hit us up if you need more travel suggestions, Tom!

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