Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine: A Night of Pure Degustation and Captivation of the Senses

Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine: A Night of Pure Degustation and Captivation of Senses

When in Manila, dining out will always be a treat for you and your stomach, so make sure that you always treat yours with a rewarding dining experience once in a while!

I have been to numerous classy restaurants around the metro and they all definitely made me feel good afterwards. It is such a joy to reward myself with food that can gastronomically fulfill my desired cravings. Whenever my friends and relatives ask for my opinion on where to eat, I always give out the best places I’ve been to. And one of them is Myons.


My first visit to Myons was a very rewarding experience. From the interiors to the staff and to the food itself, I was majestically treated like a first-class guest. It has a cozy and hotel-like welcoming atmosphere that serves exquisite menu at a fair price. You can read my previous post with them here and see why I would always recommend them to everyone who is into the classic French-Mediterranean servings!

Lights Off, Senses On


A special one-night only event was hosted by the owners of Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine. The event was themed “DINING IN THE DARK: A FEAST FOR THE SENSES”. Practically everyone already knew what to expect, but they were still anxious on how they would experience it. 


YES. What we would be doing is eat, but with a twist. Based on the concept of an Amsterdam restaurant, wherein diners get to eat in a pitchblack room, Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine‘s version of dining in the dark had subdued lightning accompanied with feel-good music to complete the connection with your senses.

They served us with their bestsellers in sampler sizes. According to the owner, Chef Ivan Yalong:

“They say the sense of sight plays a big part in enjoying our food, just as how the setting of every restaurant matters as such takes the dining experience of their customers a notch higher. But for this event, we’re highlighting the serenity and uniqueness of our restaurant, which we hope they will realize as they reconnect with their sense of taste and sense of smell to enjoy Myons’ delicacies.”

That night, I was able to enjoy my servings – even while blindfolded. (So this is what food seduction play is all about. LOL. KIDDING!!)


Servings of their delightful French Onion Soup (L) and my personal favourite, Seafood Chowder (R). I always go back to Myons to order these two.


A sampler serving of their Lollo Rosso with Raspberry Vinaigrette left me hanging! I wanted to call down the waiter and ask for a full serving of this, but yeah, I had to stop myself from doing so.


Without a doubt, when we reached the main course, they left me hanging and longing for full servings! We were served with the famed Grouper Roulade (L) and my personal favourite, Beef Bourguignon (R).


No meal will be complete without desserts! Three cheers for these three delights – Crème Brulee, Panna Cotta and Fruit Terrine.

After the unique experience of eating while blindfolded, I was able to say that I fully enjoyed eating even without seeing my food. Knowing Myons, my tastebuds will always trust their servings! It is really a place where you can celebrate occasions or to simply treat oneself or your loved ones When in Manila!

Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine and Cafe

No. 390 Mayon Street, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City




Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine: A Night of Pure Degustation and Captivation of the Senses


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