My Mom is the Reason Why I See Beauty

As a blogger, I am in front of my computer and mobile phone most of the time. I have to admit that even when I am with my family, I am constantly on my phone. My reason is because I am working, but honestly, even when I am not, I am still constantly on my phone. Sometimes I wonder—am I just trying to avoid conversations? Or am I just that caught up in social media?

My mom is an artist; I got the artisitic genes from her. She is why I love writing and painting. When I travel for work, I always observe the sceneries. I think of how beautiful these places are. I take photos and share it on social media, but I must admit I get a little bit ashamed when mom leaves a comment like “ganda naman jan ate. ingat jan, love you” [it’s looks beautiful there. take care, love you.], so I just ignore it.

My Mom Is The Reason Is Why I See Beauty - Smart

But I know now that I would not have seen these places or appreciated them if it wasn’t for my mom. My mom who taught me everything I know and my mom who taught me how to see beauty in everything. And so slowly, I made it a point to send her photos or even video call her to show her where I am. To make her feel like she is always with me, wherever I go.

A text, a chat, or a call means everything to our moms. A little advice from me to you, be there like never before. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of you.

How do you show up for you mom? Tell us your best stories in the comments below.

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