My House Husband, Ikaw Na!: The Grand Bloggers Conference



Tomorrow, its Christmas day again! And when in Manila, it’s not just eating ham and keso de bola that’s a yearly tradition in the Philippines, so is the annual Metro Manila Film Festival which kicks off on December 25; the perfect way to spend a Christmas in Manila.


Just like every year, there are lots of really good movies shown and this year, one of the first movies you should watch is My Househusband, Ikaw Na!. Starring Eugene Domingo, Ryan Agoncillo, and Judy Ann Santos! See, the first three names says it all, that’s the main reason why I’m watching this movie on the 25th, and you guys should too!


I’m not that much of a showbiz person, but I was such a fan of the Ryan-Juday tandem, that I decided to go to the My Househusband, Ikaw Na! Bloggers Conference at Guilly’s Tomas Morato, and besides, Eugene Domingo was there too, so I figured that this was going to be FUN.


I arrived a bit early, so I had to wait a little longer before the event started. I had the chance to chat with one of the bloggers at the venue, who was a MOM! It still doesn’t really occur to me that older people BLOG, so I was quite fascinated that she had time to update her blog and do posts and stuff.



The conference was hosted by Melai Entuna and Shalala. So the stars of the show started to appear one by one, and all in all there were 5 cast members who were present at the bloggers conference. There was Rocco Nacino from Starstruck; Ellen Adarna from the recent Celebrity Survivor Philippines; Eugene Domingo, and Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos.



I thought the conference was going to be formal and boring, but no! It was so much fun, all the actors were funny most of the time, but they took the answers seriously. One of the press people who attended the event even said that it was his first time to attend an event filled with bloggers and said that we all sounded so smart! Well, yes some of the questions from the bloggers were a bit too serious. There was one question that went like this: “If your only chance to love someone was to be the third party, would you still fall in love?”. We got some pretty interesting answers from that one. And the other question which was meant for Ryan and Judy Ann was: “If you and your spouse were not in good terms anymore, would you still keep the relationship for the sake of your kids?; well Ryan answered no.



I’ve been such a fan of Ryan and Judy Ann’s past movies, and I think this next one will be just as funny as the previous ones. Here’s the trailer of My Househusband, Ikaw Na!:





So when in Manila, don’t forget to drop by the nearest movie theater, line up and get your tickets for My Househusband, Ikaw Na


For more about the movie, you can visit their official website –



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