My Cedar Salon Experience

I’ve always been experimental with my hair. Compared to makeup or clothes, I find that being experimental with your hair is more low-maintenance.It takes a few hours to get something done in the salon. But once that service is done, you don’t have to color, cut, or curl your hair everyday. Versus changing up your makeup and clothes–which you have do to on a daily basis.

Cedar Salon Rebecca Lee 7

I tried to be experimental and had my hair dyed a much lighter shade. I regretted that decision because it was way too light for me. What made it worse was my roots were growing out–meaning the tips were a light shade of brown and the roots were dark black. I really don’t mind the ombr√© or the balayage trend, but untreated roots are just plain sloppy.

Cedar Salon 5

I was invited to Cedar Salon in Wilson Street. I talked to the hair stylist about how I want something more experimental instead of just going back to my natural hair color. At the same time, I didn’t want to be visiting the salon regularly just to have my roots done.

Cedar Salon Rebecca Lee 5I was happy with the solution! My roots were colored black, and the tips were colored brown. But not in the sloppy way where it just looks like I didn’t have time to get my roots done. I think the brown is subtler this time. With this kind of hair color, I don’t have to frequent the salons to maintain my roots. This is the kind of solution I was looking for. Being experimental doesn’t mean being high-maintenance.

Cedar Salon Rebecca Lee 6

The ambiance was relaxing and the staff was accommodating. For those who live in San Juan or Mandaluyong, the location is also convenient.

Here are some photos of the result:

Cedar Salon Rebecca Lee 4

Cedar Salon Rebecca Lee 3

Cedar Salon Rebecca Lee 2

Cedar Salon Rebecca Lee 1

Thank you so much for having me, Cedar Salon! I enjoyed my #MeTimeAtCedar.

Cedar Salon

200 A Wilson St., Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan.


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