My 5 travel resolutions for 2019 and you can make them yours too

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Most of us consider the coming of a New Year as an opportunity to a clean slate. Hence, we tend to use this time to list down and try to achieve new things that will make us better. We call them resolutions and even if some may be a bit tired of the term, I still managed to list down some travel resolutions for the year in the hopes that 2019 will even be more awesome than last year – travel in 2018 was already awesome, btw.

If you’re starting on creating your travel goals this year and you want to shake things up a bit to make your future trips interesting, here are my travel resolutions for 2019 and you can make them yours too.

5. Travel to a place that I’ve never been

If there’s one country I love traveling to, it is Japan. I’ve been all over Japan but I’ve never been way up north to Hokkaido. Therefore, I plan to do it this year. Although I think I’m still not yet tired of the typical destinations like Tokyo and Kyoto, I would love to see (and possibly, ski) on Hokkaido’s powdery snow.

4. Bring someone to my favorite destination

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve traveled all over Japan for over the year or so. I’ve traveled solo most of the time and one of my favorite destinations, which is a bit low-key, is Nagasaki.

If I were to describe it, Nagasaki is like a museum in a city. It is historic and there is so much feels just walking on its street. I’d love to bring someone along in case I get back to Nagasaki and introduce them to all the feels of this laidback city.

3. Get immersed in the local way of life

In 2018, I spent some time living with the locals on a tea farm in Nagasaki. They were like my adoptive family. Although they didn’t speak English well, we used Google Translate to communicate. There is a sense of solitude and solace staying in that middle of nowhere and mostly not understanding a thing. Lol. I’d love to that once again.

2. Get lost in a huge city

In 2018, I visited New York City for the first time and although I was jetlagged half the time, the things I remember are definitely for the books. I would love to get lost in another huge city this year. Hopefully, somewhere I haven’t been.

1. Disconnect

I would like to travel again to a place where I can disconnect, literally. Batanes did that for me before because of the almost unavailable cellular connection. There was peace in that and I’d love to do it again.

How about you? What are your travel resolutions for 2019?