Mx. Yakal: A dorm sports fest with gender-inclusive pageant

Mx. Yakal

Mx. Yakal will be the culminating activity for this year’s Liga Yakal (Sports Fest) and is a pageant which is open to all regardless of their gender identity and gender expression. Belonging to a community who has promoted freedom of expression, Yakal Residence Hall Organization has organized this event to create another a platform for the residents to showcase unrestrained gender expression.

Mx. Yakal will not only continue the advocacy of free gender expression but also put the rich Filipino culture under a new light as this year’s theme, The Philippine Deities, will give life to our Philippine folklore with a contemporary touch.

The pageant will be held on the 3rd of February 2018 at the Yakal Residence Hall Open Court and gates will open at 6 PM.

This event is presented by the Yakal House Council, SIP Purified Water, and Trampoline Park Philippines; special thanks to our official printing partner, Orange Segment, and media partners: WhenInManila.com & ClickTheCity.com.