Must-Visit Destinations by 11 Manila Millenials

Hey, Jetsetter! Is your 2015 vacation calendar all penciled in? We got some friends to dish out their favorite destinations to help you fill in the remaining days. Go ahead and add these places to your travel bucket list. Don’t forget to share it with your favorite travel buddies!

(Hint: #1 is golden for #hugot moments.)


11. Jake Ejercito, Celebrity | Myanmar


Photo by pabs242 on flickr.com


“Myanmar has always been at the top of my list because it seems to be locked in some sort of a time warp, as development has been slow and Western influence is close to zero-not to mention the sights of Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake.”


10. Gab Pangilinan, Theatre Actress | Jamaica


Photo by David Davila Photography on flickr.com


“I’ve always been an island girl- beaches and reggae music are my thing.”


9. Karla Aguas, Host, Former MYX Veejay | UK and Ireland


Photo by Miguel A. Garcia on flickr.com


“I’ve been planning, researching, and saving up for a trip there some time soon. There’s just something about the idea of vast fields, cold but sunny weather, the food, the places- the accents. It’s been a dream to just get lost in London, breathe easy in Brighton, and get inspired in Ireland.”


8. Amanda Fernandez, Sports Advocate, GamePlan Winner | Africa


Photo by hhschueller on flickr.com


“I’ve already been twice but that place is just magical because you get to experience nature in so many different ways! I’ve always been an outdoor person and feel this place is so perfect for me.”


7. Kylie Verzosa, PMAP Model, Beauty Queen | Hong Kong


Photo by Roland Wich on flickr.com


“I lived there for a while, the city has so much energy, its people are a mix of culture. There’s always something to do and see.”


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6. Rianna Gatus, Yoga Instructor  | Bali


Photo by Яeиée on flickr.com


“My favorite destination is Ubud, Bali because of its pace–slow and steady always.”


5. Carla Lizardo,  Sportscaster | Japan


Photo by Jérémy on flickr.com


“I flew out for the first time last year and I just fell in love with the country – from the tourist attractions, convenience stores and food! Everyone was so kind and helpful as well. I was already planning my next trip back to Japan on my plane ride home.”


4. Jessica Milner, Music DJ | Mauritius


Photo by raffaele pagani on flickr.com


“I love how the country has a multicultural soul and it has beautiful beaches and parks. Plus I’ve always been fascinated with the origins of the extinct Dodo bird.”


3. Cristina Garcia-Long, Athlete, Model | Greece


Photo by Jérémy on flickr.com


“It is so fresh looking and I like the culture of family and togetherness.”


2. Bianca Guidotti, Beauty Queen | Ireland


Photo by Jenny on flickr.com


“Everything about Ireland has this magical pull to me. The landscapes, the music, the language (gaelic) inspire a belief that there is still wonder that exists in the world. That within it, there is a secret from the rest of the world. But that’s just me.”


1. Ramon Bautista, Comedian | Baguio


Photo by Ron Hilton on flickr.com


“It’s a quick drive away and it’s awesome for dates.” 


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