MUST-TRY: These Artisanal Doughnuts Pushes Boundaries With Its Daring, Local Flavors

They just doughnut stop.

Fresh from breaking through the food scene in late 2020, Rogue Doughnuts is at it yet again. Your artsy friend’s favorite artisanal doughnut shop is ending another year with a bang by launching three new flavors, an artisanal beverage line, and their first two physical stores in BGC and Podium.

Rogue Doughnuts

Joining their handmade and locally-sourced sourdough doughnut line that currently consists of Patis Honey Glazed, 64% Mindanao Dark Chocolate, Calamansi Glazed, Lemon Salt Meringue, Ube Cheese, Chocnutella, and Peanut Kisses Crunch are three new doughnut variants: Dayap Cheesecake Crumble, Spicy Dilis, and White Chocolate Malunggay

For lemon lovers, Dayap Cheesecake Crumble is topped with a dayap (a type of local lime) cheesecake frosting and crumble that captures the sweet saltiness of cheese and the delicate zesty kick of lime.

For the brave and adventurous in taste, Spicy Dilis combines the sweet bitterness of a sourdough dipped in local premium dark chocolate with the distinct earthly flavors of artisanal dilis.

Finally, for matcha lovers, White Chocolate Malunggay is dipped in local premium white chocolate and malunggay powder topped with toasted local coconut— it looks like matcha, it tastes like matcha, but it’s malunggay!

Rogue Doughnuts

“We put a lot of thought and effort into our creations,” shares Josser Quilendrino, one of Rogue’s founders. “With this new line of flavors, we really tried to stay true to our identity by pushing the boundaries of local flavors— without sacrificing taste, of course.”

“Our new beverage line tries to do the same,” he adds.

Rogue’s new Signature Artisanal Beverage Line, made in collaboration with the renowned EDSA Beverage Design Group, includes their Signature Blend, a coffee blend featuring Sagada and Bukidnon beans, two of the country’s most acclaimed beans; Pili Nut Latte’, the first and only drink that uses pili nut milk as a milk substitute for non-dairy drinkers; Ube Baterol, Rogue’s iteration of the hot/ cold chocolate made with Davao tablea mixed with ube; Kamias Panucha, a different level fruit juice that utilizes the zesty and refreshing tang of Kamias; and finally, the Sagada Coffee Kombucha, a dark roast coffee blend mixed with the brightness of fermented kombucha.

The Rogue Signature Artisanal Beverage Line can be exclusively enjoyed at the newly-opened BGC High Street store and at the soon-to-launch Podium branch to be opened in December.

Rogue Doughnuts coffee

“Hopefully, by the end of this year or next year we’ll have more new flavors,” Quilendrino shared.

Now that’s something we doughnut want to miss.

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