MUST-TRY: 3 Super Easy Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Words by: Michaela Acero
Graphics by: Katrina Tan

It’s no lie– the Earth is slowly dying because of all our waste and inconsiderate acts towards it. It’s now more important than ever to start doing (or continue doing) what we’ve been taught to do: reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Thank goodness though because brands have been more eco-conscious lately, just like Banahaw Spring Purified Water. They recently launched their purified bottled water and really highlighted how despite being plastic, their bottles are still recyclable and eco-friendly at the same time.

However, we still have to do our part as consumers to recycle these bottles and all the other things that we’ve bought and used. Below are three (out of the hundreds!) ways you can use your plastic bottles long after you’ve finished the water or soda in them.

3. Make a cute piggy bank!

We all want to save money and the environment, and what better way to do this both than to make a piggy bank out of a plastic bottle? That’s hitting two birds with one stone, am I right? The great thing about this DIY is that you pretty much only need scissors and decorating materials to make a one-of-a-kind money holder.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction!

2. Create your own (self-watering!!) plant pots

Have you always secretly wanted to get your own plant but felt like it was too much work? Well, this DIY is perfect for lazy wannabe gardeners, myself included! You only need soil, seeds, a plastic bottle, and a piece of yarn. The yarn magically acts like a stem for the soil; it carries just the right amount of water from the bottom of your planter to moisten the soil and nourish the plant of your choice.

Here’s a quick guide for taking care of your own plant!

1. Stuff ‘em then drop them off!

For all you non-DIYers, there are still ways to recycle your plastic bottles without having to do any crafts. There have been various efforts lately by organizations within Manila where anyone can stuff their plastic bottles with non-biodegradable items (basically things like candy wrappers, plastic bags, etc.) and deliver them to drop-off points. These filled plastic bottles will then be used as bricks for housing projects! How cool is that? Check this article out for more info: From Plastic Pollution To Plastic Solution: Do Your Part With This Easy Step

Sadly, it doesn’t seem as though we can completely stop using all plastics any time soon. So the least we can do as consumers is to recycle our waste and make use of them, even after their original purpose has been fulfilled.

Check out more of the ways you can recycle your plastic bottles here and here!


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