Need New Biking Gear? Check Out These 7 Must-Have Cycling Accessories!

These days, biking to places has become the best mode of transport. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to invest in their own bikes now as well as some nifty biking gear to really seal the deal! Here are just a few worth checking out on Shopee.

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Tactical Cycling Helmet

shopee cycling bike essentials tactical helmet

Safety first! A high-quality biking helmet is definitely the first thing you should have when investing in cycling gear. But if you want to be extra secure, especially when biking long distances or on dirt roads, consider getting a tactical cycling helmet—complete with impact resistant lining, multi-functional side rails to attach flashlights or other accessories, velcro strips around the top surface, and more.

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Attachable Bike Light

shopee cycling bike essentials bike light

Bike lights help you see and be seen! Attach these on your bike handles to illuminate the road you’re cycling on and to alert pedestrians, vehicles, motorists, and other bikers of where you are. Make sure you’ve got one that is bright enough and can last you the whole evening!

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Outdoor Backpack

shopee cycling bike essentials backpack

A functional backpack that can hold all your stuff, whether you’re commuting to places or just enjoying leisure time outdoors, is an absolute must-have. Choose one that’s weather-resistant, features tons of compartments, a belt buckle to keep your items in place, and comfy shoulder straps!

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Mountain Bike Chain

shopee cycling bike essentials chains

It’s essential that you replace your bike chains frequently to keep your bike in tiptop condition, and also to keep you safe from harm.

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Waterproof Seat Bag

shopee cycling bike essentials seat bag

Relieve your back of carrying such a bulky bag with a compact seat bag where you can safely and securely store your items and gadgets. It’s out of the way but very easy to access wherever on the bike you choose to attach it.

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Bicycle Speedometer

shopee cycling bike essentials bike speedometer

A speedometer is a device that shows you what your current speed is, which can be really helpful for monitoring your performance. Not only that, but it can also show you how long you’ve been traveling and how many miles you’ve covered! If you’re serious about tracking your cycling stats, this nifty gadget is surely a must-have.

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Bike Lock

shopee cycling bike essentials bike lock

Now that you’ve invested in a bike, you need to make sure that it’s always safe and secure wherever you park it. Use heavy-duty locks that will make your bike super hard to steal, like ones with keys or with combinations.

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Which ones are you interested to get?

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