Music and Colors Come To Life on ‘Day Of The Dead’: Tierra Pura’s Annual Halloween Party 2019

Tierra Pura Homeowners Association (TPHA) has done yet another successful trick-or-treat and Halloween party this 2019. Having an annual celebration of Halloween, TPHA explores on different themes each year––having this year titled ‘Dia de los Muertos’ or Day of the Dead. Inspired by the Mexican holiday called the same name as the title, this is how the Mexicans celebrate and commemorate their departed loved ones.

The fiesta was held in the Tierra Pura covered court––covered in colors, surrounded by booths of the generous sponsors, with the ambient sound of Mexican music. Gates opened at 4 PM; and a variety of creative costumes, aligned with the theme and not, worn by kids and adults filled the venue with so much life. 

The event program was filled with so much entertainment for the audience. There were performances by Jolly Celebrations: with a balloon show and sing-and-dance numbers which involved the participation of the children. There were mascot appearances from Sandy from Gardenia, and Asa & Agha from Pascual Lab. 

Lucky, yet well-deserving kids and adults who wore the most creative costumes won certificates, prizes, and extra goodies from the sponsors. There were 10 winners from the boys, another 10 from the girls, 2 from the adults, and 5 special awards. All made possible by the active participation of the village homeowners, as well as the great help by the sponsors. The rest of the goers did not go empty-handed––all thanks to the food & snack stalls around the venue, and of course the loot bag prepared by TPHA that is filled with goodies from sponsors. 

This celebration of Halloween gets the children creatively think and dress up in costumes that they want to be. It is believed that not only this celebration is tradition in most places, but this is a chance for Tierra Pura to make a way for the community inside and outside the village to interact and enjoy the presence around each other. 

TPHA would like to thank everyone who supported the trick-or-treat and Halloween party by being present at the venue. Again, this was all made possible by the ever-generous sponsors. May the homeowners continue on supporting Tierra Pura events, as this builds a better bond to the community.

List of sponsors TPHA would like to thank:
Aveo Land Corp
BDO Unibank Congressional
Gardenia Philippines
Globe At Home
Healthy Family
Landers Superstore
Lemon Square WhattaTops
Leslie Corporation: Clover Chips, Cheezy, Farmer John’s Potato Chips, Nacho,
Clover Bits Grab
Monde Nissin: Lucky Me! Curly Spaghetti, Nissin Breadstix, Dutch Mill Delight Philippines
Nature’s Spring Water
Pascual Laboratories
URC: Magic Jr. Condensada, Quake Overload, Berry Knots, Pretzels, Calbee PH
Zesto Choc-O

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