Mushroom Lab: Enjoy Crispy Chicharon-Like Mushrooms Without the Guilt

Love chicharon but always feel bad when you munch on it? As delicious as chicharon is, we all know that it’s unhealthy. Well, you can now rest easy because there is a healthier alternative in the market in the form of Mushroom Lab.

Mushroom Lab is a small enterprise managed by a team of four high school best friends from Santa Cruz and Sampaloc Manila, Cavite, and Bulacan who decided to start this business because they’ve always loved crispy mushrooms.

What was once just a running joke to turn this business into a reality finally came to fruition during the pandemic.

They don’t just offer the usual mushroom chicharon, either.

They think of innovative ways to make the product more appealing to non-mushroom eaters by improving the taste and texture all while making an impact on the community by giving back a percentage of their profits to their jeepney driver partners.

Mushroom Lab PH 2

Photo from Mushroom Lab

With the concept of changing the landscape of pork chicharon to a healthier version, the team decided to use a healthier, and more organic and affordable food product. “We thought of mushrooms because they have been in the market, but no one was making the most out of them,” they explain.

“We use oyster mushrooms for our crispy snack since they have a lot of health benefits to our body. These mushrooms provide the body with healthy substances from dietary fibers to carbohydrates that provide support for the immune system.”

Mushroom Lab PH 1

Photo from Mushroom Lab

Mushroom Lab offers all kinds of flavors to elevate the crispy mushroom experience. They have Original, Hot and Spicy, Garlic Parmesan, Sour Cream, Salted Egg, and Barbecue. They also try to release new flavors every now and then to always keep things exciting.

If you’re looking for a healthy yet utterly delicious and satisfying snack, make sure to check out Mushroom Lab!

Mushroom Lab



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