Munchtime Meal Delivery: A Convenient Daily Baon Service

Nowadays, most of us connect the term “meal plan” to “diet”, but in reality, a small chunk of those who are getting meal plans are not in it to cut down weight but only for convenience.

I am actually part of that small chunk. I didn’t want to go on a diet because I have committed myself to exercise and I need a full meal to keep me up at work. But I became a little fed up with the few food options that I had–either I spend a lot for restaurant food or settle for fast food which is a little cheaper but definitely unhealthier.

I tried to look for meal plans that do not offer calorie counting or any diet types, and I found Muchtime Meal Delivery. Munchtime Meals provide full servings (yes, no calorie counting or no low carb-high protein kind of diet) and each meal plan includes two meals (lunch and dinner) + instant coffee + utensils, delivered daily from Monday-Friday. Each meal plan costs Php 1,250 per week (Php 250 per day).

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I availed for one week’s worth of Munchtime meals and got another week for free from their Facebook giveaway. Here’s what I experienced:

4. More flexible payment terms

Most meal plans have a weekend cut-off, usually the weekend before your meal plan starts. They also require a payment a few days before your meal plan starts which is usually done through bank deposit or transfer. For Munchtime, not only do they accept these same modes of payment but they also accept COD. The first day of deliveries (Monday) is their payment cut-off and deadline for the proof of payment is 6pm Monday of your serving week.

3. Smooth delivery

The rider sends me a text whenever he arrives at our office building. He also ensures that he is able to hand my meals personally. Knowing how pressure time is when it comes to delivery, I asked him to leave it with the guards. True enough, he leaves it there but he still makes sure that I don’t forget by sending me a text every day.

2. Tasty food

Munchtime meals are not only filling, their meals are very tasty, too. One reason why I didn’t opt to order diet plans because they usually have little to no taste. With Munchtime meals, taste is not a problem. My favorite dishes from Munchtime are (from L to R) Chicken Yakitori with Japanese Fried Rice, Cuban Chicken Paella and Beef Bibimbap.

1. Value for money

Yes, it’s true that they’re serving FULL meals – one cup of rice and a generous serving of viand. Having a full meal for Php 125 is already worth it, for me. Plus, it’s not fast food and it is being delivered to you everyday.

If you are looking for a convenient food delivery service and do not want to settle with diet delivery plans, you may want to try Munchtime’s 5-Day Meal Plan.

Munchtime Meal Delivery
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