Multilingual Pop Darling Valentina Ploy is Back with the Heart-Wrenching Track “Camera Roll”

Valentina Ploy

Photo / Valentina Ploy

Multilingual pop darling Valentina Ploy is back with a heart-wrenching track “Camera Roll” – her third single since signing with Warner Music Asia in April 2022.

A song for the heartbroken – Valentina sings about how the beautiful moments of a lost relationship are forever frozen in time. With the singer’s signature warm vocals and honest lyrical offerings, the track is one that is cathartic to listen to and comforting in knowing that you are not alone on this journey of heartbreak. “Camera Roll” will be accompanied by a music video and will depict the journey of finding a balance between reminiscing and letting go.

Listen to the song on YouTube below:

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Valentina shared, “I hope the song can be a safe place of comfort for people’s broken hearts. A place to safely hold on to memories and pictures that will live forever despite how things change in life and the people we lose along the way.”

In lieu of this release, Valentina shared her personal playlist in nursing a heartbreak and invited fans through social media to join her “Heartbreak Club.” A testament to how music has the power to make us feel, heal, and connect – the playlist now houses hundreds of members, each of them adding tracks of their own that have helped or are helping them nurse their heartache.

Warner Music Asia announced on April 21, 2022, that it has formed a strategic alliance with Thailand’s premier independent record company What the Duck by signing Valentina Ploy, one of its most accomplished singer-songwriters.

This deal will see Warner Music Asia add the established Bangkok-based star to its roster of prominent singers, and will serve to support the What the Duck label in its work to elevate Valentina’s career to new heights. Warner Music will be harnessing the support of Warner Music Thailand to strengthen her domestic fan base and utilizing the group’s regional network to introduce her work to music lovers throughout Asia and beyond.

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