Mula Ngayon: An Evening of Love Songs and Stories

Acel Bisa van Ommen writes a love song so pure and real that it takes you on an emotional journey as you listen to it. 

Her latest single, “Mula Ngayon” under DNA Music is the perfect anthem for any wedding. It captures exactly how a bride feels when she’s finally about to walk down the aisle. It gives words to the emotions that flood her as she takes each step closer to the man she vows to spend the rest of her life with. With the wedding month just around the corner, this song comes at such a perfect time and is surely a gift to couples who have been looking for the perfect song for their special day. Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital platforms.

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To celebrate the release of this heart-warming single, Acel has prepared an inspiring online event entitled: Mula Ngayon: An Evening of Love Songs and Stories on March 26, 2021 at 8 pm. Save the date because it will be an instant date night at home for the viewers as Acel serenades them with her songs that are often sung at weddings.

The event will also feature an inspirational talk about love from real-life influential couples in-between her performance. Among those who’ll share their stories are life coach Chinkee and Nove Tan, who authored the book “Happy Wife, Happy Life”, motivational speaker and trainor Jayson Lo with wife Kat, who authored the book “Youniquely In Love”, and the newly-wed couple Jonri and Denice Sy-Isla who met because of their love for music and theater.

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Mula Ngayon: An Evening of Love Songs and Stories will stream on Acel’s Facebook page, Then get a sneak peek of the song, the music video of Mula Ngayon is now up on Acel’s Youtube Channel, 

Singer-Songwriter Acel is the voice behind the hit songs “Torete,” “Sulat,” and “Pag-Ibig Kong Ito” with her former band Moonstar88, and she also popularized the Korean novela theme song, “One Love.” The now solo artist has 2 independently-produced albums under her belt, and 4 singles under DNA label of Star Music, one of which is her version of “Your Universe” that was used as a theme song from the controversial movie of Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto, “Between Maybes.” 

Acel is also the founder of Payong Musikero, a multi-platform community that serves as a source of instruction, information, and inspiration for aspiring and established musicians which she started in 2018. 

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