MTV VMAs 2016: The Year of Unforgettable Performances

If you love music, it is sure that you look forward to the MTV VMAs every year. Aside from the awards, the VMAs has been a yearly event that hosts some of the best live musical performances everyone will be talking about for ages. Remember Britney and Madonna’s controversial kiss? Maybe the onstage heat between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus? Or Beyonce’s baby announcement when she was having Blue Ivy?

The 2016 VMAs is nothing short of amazing. With its high-intensity performances, it got everyone standing and cheering.


With Rihanna receiving the Video Vanguard Award this year, she sure did prepare for her performances. She opened the show with a very pink and vibrant performance of a medley which everyone loved. What better way to set a tone with Please Don’t Stop the Music. After that she transformed the MTV stage into a dance hall and closed the show by taking it a bit slow. It was a big Rihanna show and we can’t get enough of it.


All the pink continues with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. There’s Arianna, repping her girly workout outfit (with heels) while riding the bike, and then there’s Nicki who joins the on-stage workout session in a pink leather ensemble.


If there is one word that is synonymous with Beyonce, it’s probably SLAY.


We’ve heard this song over and over again. And we can’t get enough of it! They make a pretty cute couple, too.


With a Cameo from DNCE, Nick Jonas definitely brought the bacon! And it’s not just bacon that we are hungry for!


This definitely made the crowd going!


An MTV Awards Ceremony wouldn’t be complete without Britney! With her latest single on the airwaves and her sizzling music video currently airing on MTV, we welcome Britney back with open arms and nostalgic hearts.

The MTV VMAs, every year, steps out of its comfort zone to bring everyone a huge musical spectacle. Aside from the astounding performances, Kanye also surprised the audience by dropping his new single, Fades! What a day for the music industry indeed.

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