Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek Will be Playing Queen’s Freddie Mercury in a Movie

Rami Malek is always a joy to watch in Mr. Robot. He is absolutely convincing as Elliot and yet you need to remember that he also played that mummy in ‘Night at the Museum’ once and was also in a Twilight movie. Rami is clearly a very versatile actor, so I am absolutely thrilled to hear that he has been cast in the role of Queen’s Freddie Mercury in the upcoming biopic of the band to be called ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.


Fun fact: the role was originally given to Sacha Baron Cohen, but he dropped out of the movie. I’m glad the role has gone to Rami, though I’ll be even more psyched if I find out he’ll be singing in it Freddie Mercury-style. That aside, Bryan singer is said to direct the biopic.