Mr. Monkies: The Shoes Every Artist Dreams Of

Do you love arts and crafts? Do you love creating new works of art? If so, then you might want to check out these innovative shoes by Mr. Monkies!

Mr Monkies Original New Pack

In a nutshell, Mr. Monkies provides white shoes that work as a canvas for anybody’s artistic imagination.

Mr Monkies

The shoes come with a set of markers that you can use to create works of art on your shoes depending on your mood and personal preference. And then, whenever you feel like a change, you can simply add more art to your shoes or even completely remove the artwork you have already created and create something completely brand new in their stead! Here are some samples of artwork done on pairs of Mr. Monkies shoes:

Mr Monkies Insects

Mr Monkies Vintage Tattoo

Kids will especially love Mr. Monkies as they can let their creativity run wild on their shoes, too. No need to worry about them getting bored with their footwear or looking for something to do because their Mr. Monkies shoes can serve as a fun hobby at the same time. Plus, you’ll be able to get your kids to exercise their creativity and their imagination by creating new pieces of artwork on their shoes every time. You can even take a photo of each of their artwork and keep the photos as memories of their artistic journey. 🙂

Mr Monkies kids 3

Mr Monkies kids 1

Interested in getting creative on a pair of shoes, too? Want to let your personality shine through your artwork? Then get your own pair of Mr. Monkies today and let your creativity run free! 🙂

Mr. Monkies

Instagram: @mrmonkies

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