Mr. Dimsum: Affordable Chinese Dishes in the Heart of South Caloocan

I’m so happy that I found a restaurant that serves Chinese food near my place this 2017! It’s called Mr. Dimsum (they just opened last November and are located in Caloocan – full address at the bottom). 

MR. DIMSUM Reuploaded

Entering the restaurant feels like walking into a restaurant in Hong Kong. It has a signature hallow entrance and a see-through window glass where you can peek to watch the chef preparing the food.

MR. DIMSUM Reuploaded

I was excited to try the food and therefore ordered almost everything on the menu! Literally! I was surprised that everything was so affordable – only 50 to 70 pesos! Typical dimsum in other Chinese restaurants typically range from 90 to 120 pesos.

MR. DIMSUM Reuploaded
Here’s a sample of their menu.

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedTausi Pork Spareribs – P50

The meat of the spareribs was really tender and flavourful. The taste made us want to keep eating and jumpstarted out palates for the other upcoming dishes we were about to try out. We surely needed 2 more orders of these.

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedPork Siomai and Quail Egg Siomai – P50 each

The pork siomai and quail egg siomai are similar except for the additional quail egg topping; both of their fillings are generous, though! They are tasty, delicious, and great when paired with a mixture of chili and soy sauce.

The best part is: they’re only P50! Bottom line: a must-try!

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedJapanese Siomai (4 pieces with a red center) – P50

The Japanese siomai surprised me because I have tried other Japanese siomais that can be bought in kiosks for P30 and Mr. Dimsum’s tastes way better. It has a delicious sauce with flavors that will envelop your mouth.

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedAsado Siopao – P30

The asado siopao is not like the usual siopao you may find at fastfood chains. Once you bite it, you’ll be greeted with that classic red sauce color of asado we all know and love. Also, Mr. Dimsum’s siopao is generous with its filling.

They also serve noodles, congee, and rice toppings! Chef Pat’s special congee consists of egg, shrimp, squid ball, fish, and cuttle fish, while the halo halo congee consists of egg, pork, intestines, liver, and fish balls.

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedChef Pat’s Special Congee With Egg – P150

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedHalo-Halo Congee With Egg – P140

The congees have large servings and you have a choice to add century egg for 10 pesos or a whole piece for 50 pesos. It has a sweet taste and good consistency to it. Best eaten after being served.

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedChef Pat’s Stir Fry Noodles -P170

Chef Pat’s Stir Fry Noodles is good for sharing because of the large serving. This may look like a light meal because of the vegetables, but it will definitely make you full afterwards.

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedSoy Chicken Rice -P130

The Soy Chicken Rice is really tasty! The balance of saltiness paired with ginger sauce is what made me want to take bite after bite.

Here are some more photos of the food we tried:

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedFried Shrimp Dumpling with Wasabi Dressing – P70

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedButchi  -P50

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedTausi Chicken Feet – P50

MR. DIMSUM ReuploadedBlack Gulaman – P50

If you’re looking for filling Chinese food that’s really affordable, then go for Mr. Dimsum! They also delivery around Caloocan for a minimum order of P300!

Mr. Dimsum

12 M. Asistio Street cor. Bulacan Street, 10th Avenue, Caloocan