Mr. Data Mann – Colorful Macbook Cases & More

These days being equipped with the latest gadgets seems a must among young and old.

Apple products especially have a huge following. Snazzying up your gadgets is the best way to keep them safe, clean and looking good at all times. While searching among the many gadget case and accessory companies out there to find some unique products, one stood out with its large collection of colorful laptop cases, cables, computer cleaning supplies, accessories and more: Mr. Data Mann.


From the company’s website, I opted to go for a laptop case for my Macbook Pro 15″. Among all the availabe colors, it was hard to choose a case since all of them were beautiful! I eventually chose and ordered a gold cover. Upon receiving and unwrapping my order, I could easily attach it to the laptop. The color is a standout and doesn’t only protect the Macbook but also lets it appear clean, unique and beautiful!


Together with the laptop case I received a Computer Liquid Crystal Screen Cleaning Set. It works perfectly for not only my Macbook but also other gadgets such as cameras, mobile phones, camcorders and mp3 players! Keeping your tech collection clean is a must in order to prolong the gadget livespans as well as to ensure they properly work.

When dealing with Mr. Data Mann’s website and order, I especially appreciated the fast shipping and professional handling of the company. A simple, quick and convenient way of shopping online!

IMG_0630 copy

A professional cleaning kit to keep any gadgets protected and looking like new!


Since my Macbook Pro cable recently stopped working, I ordered a replacement cable from Mr. Data Mann. At a much more reasonable price than any Apple outlet could offer, I am more than happy to have a computer cable again!

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The company offers a wide range of products to beautify any gadgets you have. From phone to laptop covers, replacement cables as well as cleaning materials to keep your gadgets looking shiny and new, Mr. Data Mann has it all. A reliable company with fast shipping and a great selection! A definite recommendation for your every gadget need: Mr. Data Mann!

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Mr. Data Mann – Colorful Macbook Cases & More