Movie “Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon” Launches a Heartbreaking Soundtrack

Words by Cathlyn Mae Botor

Photos by Kaye Bernal

Prepare your hearts and get your tissues ready! Tears will surely flow because the soundtrack for Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa’s movie sequel Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon is finally here! It will definitely give you all the feels as you listen to the heartwrenching songs headed by December Avenue’s latest hit and the film’s official theme song “Huling Sandali.” According to Zel Bautista, the lead vocalist of December Avenue, the band was instantly inspired to write the sequel’s official theme song “Huling Sandali”.

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You can now check out the full soundtrack of the movie featuring Gab Alipe of Urbandub and Solo Artist Elle Sebastian. Other than December Avenue’s “Huling Sandali,” the sequel also chose emotionally compelling songs such as “The Fight is Over” by Gab Alipe of Urbandub and “Panahon” by Elle Sebastian. Also included in the soundtrack is the song “Never Me” by I Belong to The Zoo. Argee Guerrero did not make it to the event, but Elle Sebastian sang a soulful rendition of it for the audience.

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Tayong Dalawa sa Huling Buwan ng Taon Soundtrack Launch happened last Saturday, April 27 at The Axon Green Sun Hotel Makati. The soundtrack launch also had guest performances from Pinoy Indie artists and bands including Autotelic, Muni-Muni, Shirebound, and Busking. Also present at the event was Quest, the singer-songwriter and rapper behind Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa’s official theme song “Walang Hanggan”. The heartbreaking song with a million hits was inspired by the major heartbreak he had years ago. 

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The jam-packed event was full of surprises. Not only were there heartstopping performances but also the appearance of three major characters from the movie. The audience screamed their hearts out when Nicco Manalo, Anna Luna, and Brian Corella went up to the stage.

Nicco Manalo plays the role of Sam, a man who had a complicated relationship with Issa, the character of Emmanuel Vera in the movie “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa.” Anna Luna plays Anna, the role of Sam’s new found love. Meanwhile, Brian Corella surprised the audience with his sophisticated new look, contrasting directly with his happy-go-lucky character as Sam’s best friend in the first part of the movie.

Also present at the soundtrack launch was the successful romantic drama film’s director himself, Nestor Abrogena Jr. He was also the production designer behind highly-recognized indie and romcom films including Prime Cruz’ Sleepless (2015), Ang Manananggal Sa Unit 23B (2016) and Can We Still Be Friends (2017).

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The film’s sequel had been long-anticipated even before it hit the cinemas in 2015. It was the story of two deeply connected souls who met at very difficult times in their lives. Later on, they both got lost in the whirlwind of their relationship.

“It would have been perfect for the two lovers if they’d only met earlier or if things were a bit different,” says Karen from the film. Five years since their break-up, the ex-lovers cross paths for the very first time since their separation. Now, they are to figure out another chapter in their lives despite being in their respective romantic relationships.

Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa’s movie sequel is dedicated to the hopeless romantics, the brokenhearted, and for people who are in relationships–complicated or not. The first part of the movie suggests that the love that once brought us happiness can also shatter our world in an instant. And in the sequel’s trailer, fate comes in. But the question is, will ex-lovers Sam and Issa be ready to face the uncertainty of the past? Will the timing be right for them this time? The answer is yet to be figured out in the film’s sequel.

Catch Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon on May 8 in theaters nationwide. A special early premiere will also be done at UP Cine Adarna on May 6.

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