Move & Flow Offers Various Online Classes to Nourish Your Body and Your Mind

With so much negativity in the world today due to the ongoing pandemic; it’s important to make sure that you nourish your body and mind, and ensure that you stay calm, collected, and sane at all times. Move & Flow strives to help us with this predicament.

Cathy Dario, Marga Olivares, Kara Mayuga, and Sofie Sazon are the friends who brought Move & Flow to life. They share that they have always loved working out together. It was part of their daily routine and enabled them to spend time with one another whilst supporting each other’s classes whenever possible.

Marga is their social media manager and resident Body Positivity advocate, who spearheads their wellness talks and workshops. Kara is their in-house graphic designer (she is also an architect!). Sofie is a personal trainer certified by the American Council of Exercise, and is also an indoor cycling instructor and a yin yoga teacher. Cathy is a yoga teacher and a barre instructor.

Without a doubt, the pandemic came with a lot of anxiety due to the uncertainty of the future of fitness in the Philippines. After thinking about how they could still support each other and workout together during the pandemic, they started hosting classes for their high school batchmates back in April despite not being that familiar with Zoom yet. They eventually got the hang of it and their high school batchmates started inviting more people until it became a bigger community of people who love to work out.

Here are the classes that Move & Flow has to offer:

Circuit Training

This 45-minute bodyweight workout will get your heart rate up. The exercises are performed in long work periods to build strength and endurance.


This 45-minute heart-pumping workout is performed in short work periods followed by short rest periods to build speed and power.

Vinyasa Yoga

This heat-building yoga practice links postures to the breath to perform a cohesive flow. Cathy occasionally teaches off-shoots of this practice, as well, such as Core Flow (a hybrid workout that combines yoga and pilates), and Power Flow (a fast-paced flow that’s designed to really challenge you!)

Yin Yoga

This slow-paced yoga practice focuses on myofascial release and relaxation. They teach meditation and pranayama here, too.

Move & Flow also has feature classes sometimes. They have had guest instructors hold Animal Flow and Ashtanga classes for the community, for example. They also have Move, Flow, and Learn sessions conducted by guest speakers and Marga that involve talks mostly about body positivity, cultivating healthy habits in exercise, and the like.

Their regular classes are at Php200 per class or Php1000 for six classes. Move & Flow is all about community, and we love that about them. “Move & Flow was founded by four friends, and our foundation overall is friendship,” they stress. “There is no judgment and no shame. This is a safe space where you can go at your own pace, be yourself, and make friends while you’re at it.” If you’re looking for a friendly and safe space and community to work out, clear your mind, and relax; check out Move & Flow.

Move & Flow


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