A Mother’s Day Gift: Celebrities, Fashion and Food at Spiral Buffet, Sofitel Manila

When in Manila, Mother’s Day is celebrated just like any other special holidays.  Since it always lands on a Sunday, children, restaurants, malls, even churches, usually take one day off the year to give mothers their much-deserved appreciation and love.  I decided to bring my mom to Spiral Buffet Restaurant at Sofitel Philippine Plaza with the hopes of making her feel special (and appeasing her for my disorganized room).  This luxury hotel exceeded my expectations. Sofitel Philippine Plaza definitely made my mother, as well as all the mothers there, really special this year.  

Last May 12, 2013, Sofitel Philippine Plaza paid tribute to moms through a very exciting fashion show and through amazing Mother’s Day dishes prepared by the top chefs at Spiral Buffet.  The fashion show featured top celebrity mothers together with their adorable kids.  The celebrities wore  summer collections of the international designer Pia Gladys Perey who came straight from LA Fashion Week and the Formula One racer and designer Mark Bumgarner.  

Pia Gladys Perey’s style features classic drapings that speak sophistication and class.  For more of her creations, visit her website.


Mark Bumgarner on the other hand blends lace embroideries with mesh, leather with silk, and combines other unthought of fabrics to create a one-of-a-kind romantic and edgy style.  Who would have thought that a Formula One racer can also rock the fashion scene!


The celebrities who joined the Spiral runway came down through the escalator one after the other, proudly bringing with them their young one or their very own mother.  It was one star-studded mother’s day lunch.

When in Manila for quite a while, you probably know this lady very well.  Maritoni Fernandez (top left on photo below) has starred in over 30 movies and numerous TV shows.  She graced the Spiral staircase with her son Liam Sarmiento.  At the bottom left is another familiar face who won the Bb. Pilipinas-World title last 2007. Maggie Wilson-Consuji is carrying her adorable son Connor.  I saw her last month in the Bb. Pilipinas 50th Anniversary, and with a body shape like that, I thought she was still single! 

On top right is the Italian-Filipina model actress Gwen Zamora with her sister and mom Therese Agnese. While at bottom right is the beauty queen Lou Bunyi-Pareja with her very charming daughter, France Angela. mother models


I was surprised to see the comedian-model Wilma Doesn’t stunning AND pregnant in her blush pink gown. (I love the color on her!) She doesn’t seem to be different from the TV personality we are acquainted of, her smiles and laughters are just as contagious in person.  The little girl below her is really cute! She is the 4 year old daughter of model journalist Georgia Schulze Del Rosario.  She might become the next top model just like her mom.

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