Mother Nature Needs You! 5 Ways that You Can Do Now to Save Our Ocean and Forests

Recently, we have been writing about the loss of forests and our other green spaces and about threats to our country’s biodiversity and natural resources. In this article, we shall focus instead on what we can do now to help preserve our Mother Nature… for everyone’s sake.

Here, we have identified five ways that we can do to save our ocean and forests now.

5. Support our forest rangers.

Fredd Ochavo Bantay Gubat Ipo with children

Photo by Fredd Ochavo

Our forests and watersheds are also under threat by illegal loggers, land grabbers, and forest arsonists. But we have a few determined forest guards, the Bantay Gubat, risking life and limb daily for our sake and the forests’ sake. They need our support.

They earn very little and have little funds to purchase trekking gear for themselves and school supplies for their kids.

You can donate used backpacks and other supplies to help them. Here’s how.

4. Save Arroceros Forest Park in Manila.


Photo by Arch. Paulo Alcazaren

Located beside Pasig river at the foot of Quezon Bridge and home to over three thousand trees and a variety of bird species, Arroceros Forest Park is considered the last lung of Manila. The City, however, is planning to put up a gym inside the forest, which will probably destroy hundreds of trees once again. If you want to save Arroceros, you need to add your voice to a petition calling for its preservation.

To learn more about this, click here.

3. Save Palawan’s Acacia Trees.

Acacia Tunnel in Palawan by Travel in Palawan

Photo Source: Travel in Palawan

Palawans’s Department of Public Works and Highways wants to widen the province’s national highway from two lanes to six lanes. Unfortunately, this will hit thousands of roadside trees including the province’s famous Acacia Tunnel. Environmentalists have assailed this project as also destructive to the province’s endemic wildlife populations. They have launched an online appeal for a more environment-friendly development plan.

As of writing, the appeal still needs over 5,000 signatures. You can help complete it. Here’s how.

2. Defend the Philippine Rise from exploitation. 

Coral Cover as far as the eyes can see - Benham Bank by Oceana Philippines

Photo by Oceana Philippines

The Philippine Rise, all 24.4 million hectares of it, with a land area as big as the Philippines itself, is a pristine marine ecosystem. Its shallowest portion, the Benham Bank, is found to have 100% coral cover, making it a rich spawning ground for assorted fish. The Philippine Rise is also considered a buffer against climate change.

However, these very qualities make this Philippine territory very attractive to those with vested interests. Environmentalists are urging the government to declare Benham Bank as a no-take zone, meaning no fishing, mining or drilling activities can take place on or around it, ensuring its protection.


The petition still needs about 400 signatures. Here’s how to add your voice to this cause.

1. Save the Bleeding Heart Pigeons from Extinction.

Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeon - Haribon

The bleeding-heart pigeons are found nowhere else on the planet except the Philippines. Unlike other birds that soar heights, you will find this meek creature spending most of its life on the ground, under the canopy of lowland forests. They play an important role in keeping the ecosystem in balance, contributing to forest growth through seed dispersal. Sadly, only around 400 remain today. This is mainly caused by the loss of habitat due to deforestation.

We can save them by supporting Haribon’s conservation efforts! The organization is exchanging cool shirts in exchange for funds. As of now, the target of 300 shirts is about 200 shy. To give our feathered friends a little love, click here.

Any other ways that you can share with us? Share them below!