Who are the Most Popular Loveteams in the Philippines This February 2016?

Article By: Gerald Perry Marin and Jolo Balbin

Who is the most popular loveteam in the Philippines for February – AlDub, JaDine, LizQuen, Kathniel, DongYan or BeaLloydie?

Cupid might have been on the side of your favorite loveteam this Valentine’s Day, but are statistics also correctly aiming the arrows at your idols to be crowned as the most popular loveteam in the Philippines this February?

To accurately determine the popularity of the loveteams, Rankd TM Personalities Analytics (www.rankd.news) collected all the data from top news sources (Inquirer, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin), social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook virality which includes share, comments and likes), and online entertainment news (Rappler, PEP) as its basis for the calculation from February 1-11, 2016.

rankd love teams

Rankd score TM was then churned out using the algorithm designed to analyse how popular they are online at a given time. This number was then used to rank the love teams accordingly.

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After some data crunching, the Rankd score TM revealed that AlDub is still leading among all loveteams in terms of popularity, a position they reigned since August 2015 (congratulations!). With new advertisements being lined up for Maine and Alden, and with the backing of brands generating more buzz around them, we predict that they will still be talked about and will remain on this loveteam popularity list for some time.

However, we can see that ‘Forevermore’ couple LizQuen is slowly but surely edging up in the rankings due to the buzz being generated around their new show ´Dolce Amore´. With the AlDub fever now normalizing after it hit record-breaking levels of media attention, it will be exciting to see how LizQuen´s drama can challenge their superiority in the next few weeks.

On the other hand, after almost 6 years in showbiz, KathNiel is staying strong at the third spot. Their increasing Rankd score TM is due to the last few weeks of their hit drama ´Pangako Sa `Yo.´ On the other hand, ‘On The Wings Of Love´ couple JaDine is on the 4th place, but is expected to rise as their show is also entering its final weeks of airing.

Real or not real, BeaLloydie fans are surely keeping the love team alive as the speculations are going on between the two finally getting back together after the recent Bea-Zanjoe and John Lloyd-Angelica breakups. However, we can see that they slid down from top 2 to top 4 this February, as they both kept mum about the issue.

The royal couple DongYan completed the list at top 6, with the latest news now revolves around the upcoming baptism of Maria Letizia.

rankd love teams 3

To analyse how they performed over time, the graph above shows how all the loveteams have fared in their popularity game from July 2015 up to present. The Rankd scoreTM per month shows that AlDub never really left the top 1 position since August, while KathNiel and LizQuen fans have been competing neck on neck for the top 2 and 3 positions since we started measuring last July 2015. BeaLloydie made it back to the spotlight and peaked at number 2 last January due to their blossoming off-screen love story. JaDine fans have recently picked up in their rank score starting January, while DongYan are taking their break while enjoying baby Z´s first months together as a family.

For more related news and data analysis on their facebook virality, followers, and online news mentions, visit www.rankd.news and get updated with who is currently leading the popularity game in the world of showbiz.

What do you think about the ranking of your favourite loveteam? Which tandem do you think should be number 1? Share your thoughts below!

www.rankd.news is a proudly Filipino-owned startup with founders operating in Marikina (Philippines) and Bremen (Germany). The Rankd score TM algorithm is created by our data scientist who was a former employee of Bright, a tech company recently sold to Linkedin for 120 million USD.

Article By: Gerald Perry Marin and Jolo Balbin

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