Most Memorable VMA Performances To Take Your Mind Off Horrible Images of Miley Cyrus On Stage

Nsync and Michael Jackson, Pop, 2001

Nsync has delivered awesome VMA performances for two years in a row. They were at the height of their popularity. So how can they possibly top last year’s amazing mash up of Bye, Bye, Bye and It’s Gonna Be Me where they utilized 5 television screens as replacement for their heads? Get the biggest pop star in the history of music to dance with them!


Britney Spears, Can’t Get No Satisfaction/Oops, I Did It Again, 2000

Britney is, arguably, the best female performer of her generation. And this performance shows all haters and doubters that despite her lack of powerful vocals, she can MOVE and outperform anyone. She’s as sexy as hell as she walked down the stairs while stripping her suit to reveal a flesh-toned body suit adorned with diamonds. The second that rotating cage in the middle of the stage started moving with her inside, I was grinning and holding my breath as the beats thump and her body creates angles no other dancer can do. 

Jon Bon Jovi, Livin’ On A Prayer/Wanted Dead or Alive, 1989

This acoustic performance is said to have inspired MTV’s popular Unplugged series. Here, we see Bon Jovi jam alongside Richie Sambora as they treated us to their biggest hits.

Chris Brown and Rihanna, Wall to Wall/Umbrella/Kiss Kiss, 2007

Despite his bad rep, Chris Brown is undoubtedly a total performer. In his debut performance at the VMAs, we see him jump from one stage to another as he sang and danced to Wall to Wall. To make things even more exciting, Rihanna appears on stage and sang one of her biggest hits, Umbrella and then Chris ended with the hit Kiss Kiss. 

Madonna, Like A Virgin, 1984

What else can we say about this breakout video? Amazing. Sexy. Mind blowing.

Michael Jackson, Medley, 1995

No one in the history of the VMAs has performed for 15 minutes. That’s a very long time to sing and dance and only a true artist will be able to pull it off. It’s hard enough to belt out a song while dancing but to do that for 15 whole minutes along with some fight choreography, costume changes, and a short monologue at the middle of the number is truly awesome. That’s why Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. I think no one else could pull that off.

So there you have it. The best VMA performances in history. These should make you forget the horror that was Miley Cyrus and remember that the VMA is the place where music magic happens.


Most Memorable VMA Performances To Take Your Mind Off Horrible Images of Miley Cyrus on Stage


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