LOOK: Morissette and KZ Tandingan are the Faces of Flormar

Makeup, like everything else we wear on our bodies, is a personal choice. It celebrates artistic expression and, if you think about it, the journey of self-discovery. From the excitement of stumbling on a new product and the delight of experimentation to the instant jolt of happiness when you see your transformation—it’s the way the entire process makes you feel that is profoundly relished. In the same vein, those precious 15 minutes all to yourself is a moment of self-care that shouldn’t be dismissed. You see, makeup has been a source of happiness for a lot of us.

Turkish cosmetics brand, Flormar, fully embraces the enjoyment one gets from playing around with colors and turning one’s face into a work of art for the sake of self-expression. It is known to be one of the fastest-growing makeup brands globally in color cosmetics, thriving and expanding in more than 100 countries across the world since it was first launched in Milan in 1970. With high-quality formulas, the latest technologies, and top-notch product innovation, Flormar offers a wide array of makeup, as well as nail polish, in an extensive assortment of hues that we can happily fiddle with and use as tools akin to a painter’s kaleidoscopic palette to express ourselves.

“Makeup isn’t necessarily good or bad, right or wrong. In fact, there are fewer rules about buying and using makeup than society makes out. Our goal at Flormar is to stir up that wonderful feeling we get from the ritual of putting on makeup whenever, wherever, however we want and feel like it. Color your way, color yourself happy,” urges Angie Goyena, president of ZFace, Inc.

Colors abound at Flormar—colors that spark a variety of emotions. The thing about makeup and nail polish as pick-me-ups is that they give you a more concrete way to echo how you feel, in the same way music potently elevates your mood. On that account, it is a no-brainer why Flormar Philippines signed on award-winning artists, Morissette and KZ Tandingan, household names who perfectly embody the manifesto of the brand.

Morissette and KZ Tandingan for Flormar

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Photo from Flormar

Both Morissette and KZ have steadily gained global recognition with their sold-out international concerts and performances. They are also known to be experimental with their beauty looks, never afraid to tinker with pigments on their faces and nails, bold and subdued, and everything in between—something that Flormar encourages.

“Makeup makes me feel more empowered. It’s been a part of me as an artist and performer,” Morissette reveals. “Growing up, I’ve had a lot of hits-and-misses, but I enjoyed—and still enjoy—applying makeup and nail polish every step of the way.”

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Photo from Flormar

Though Morissette has her own glam team, she admits to still doing some parts of her makeup routine. “I like curling my lashes, applying lipstick, doing the flick of my winged liner—I find it therapeutic!” she adds.

For KZ, makeup makes her feel like she can transform into anything. “I have a ton of fun doing it! Creating looks that express my emotions—isn’t it wonderful how we can do that with makeup?” she shares.

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Photo from Flormar

“Because I move around a lot on stage, I need to have a long-wearing foundation, a non-transfer lipstick, and a brow-setting gel in my kit. And since I’m holding a microphone all the time, nail polish that doesn’t chip easily is a must—and I’m glad I can find everything I need from Flormar,” she adds.

Flormar offers a complete range for the face, eyes, lips, and nails that are all cruelty-free. Choose from primers, concealers, and foundations, to brow products, eyeliners, mascaras, and lipsticks to nail enamels, at friendly price points ranging from P79 to P849! The brand continues to adapt to trends and apply new ideas, technologies, and approaches to improve its products and ensure they remain pleasurable and easy to use. It is internationally certified (ISO 9001, GMB, and Halal) and is strictly audited through Bureau Veritas. 

This collaboration of Flomar with the two music giants demonstrates how one art form contributes to another—music and makeup reverberating with creativity and emotions.

“Growing up, I didn’t think I possessed beauty, therefore I never imagined I’d get to talk about it. I had a very limited concept of beauty when I was younger, but as time went on, I’ve come to realize that there are many different types of beauty. We must have the courage to demonstrate the fact that we all possess it and I’m able to do just that with the help of brands like Flormar,” KZ reveals.

It’s truly fascinating how both mood-uppers impact you in vastly different ways but all around pulsating with positive feelings, just the way Flormar allows you to color yourself happy.

Flormar is exclusively distributed by ZFace Inc., which was founded in 2016 and is a sister company of iFace, Inc.

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