“Moonwalker” Buzz Aldrin Gets Married at 93

Retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin just got married to his long-time partner Anca Faur on his 93rd birthday! The man became a living legend after he and Neil Armstrong made their “historic Apollo 11 moonwalk, becoming the first two humans to set foot on another world.” Also according to his website, the unprecedented endeavor was witnessed by the world’s largest television audience in history at the time.

The 93-year-old groom announced on Twitter, “On my 93rd birthday and the day I will also be honored by Living Legends of Aviation, I am pleased to announce that my longtime love Dr. Anca Faur and I have tied the knot.”

Aldrin and Faur celebrated their wedding in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles, California, USA. “We were joined in holy matrimony in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles and are as excited as eloping teenagers,” he added.

In another tweet, Aldrin also expressed his gratitude for all the birthday greetings he received while hoping to serve “a greater cause for many more revolutions around the sun!”

“Onward and upward and best wishes to all of you as well,” he added.

Aside from being a “moonwalker,” Buzz Aldrin is also known for “taking the first selfie in space” during their historic achievement in 1969. And ICYDK, he is also “the real buzz” from whom Disney character Buzz Lightyear was inspired.

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