Mooncakes Just Got Even Better Now That They Come In Bubble Tea Flavor

Here’s some good news for everyone: the Mid-Autumn Festival is about a month away and that means it’s about to be mooncake season very soon. So technically, mooncakes are eaten in celebration of the festival but we all know that these delicacies will be selling like hotcakes before, during, and after the festival itself. As if that obsession with mooncakes wasn’t enough, they now come in bubble tea flavors which are sure to fuel the craze.

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ChangHoSek, a Singaporean mooncake patisserie, just released their line of bubble tea mooncakes. They come in 2 flavors: classic Milk Tea and Matcha Green Tea. It gets these flavors by infusing the lotus-seed paste with tea then dotting it with pearls. A snow skin exterior completes the mooncake, making it all the more appetizing.

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If you’re more interested in the tea flavor and the thought of boba in your mooncakes sounds a little off-putting, then don’t worry. You can still get your milk tea fix because there are also traditionally baked mooncakes which come in tea variants. Their Earl Grey and Osmanthus flavors promise all the tea flavor you could want, without the sinkers you may not need.

Another thing that I personally find exciting is that they come in the cutest packaging. There are two options — the tingkat and box — but both are equally hoard-worthy.

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The sad news is that these pastries are only available in Singapore (so far). If you’re lucky enough to be visiting soon and pick up a box, let us know if they’re worth the hype!

Would you try these milk tea mooncakes? 

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