Already Got a Moon Lamp? Then These Planet Lamps Will Complete the Tiny Universe in Your Room

It’s no surprise that almost everyone you know probably owns or wants to own a 3D moon lamp—those beautiful little orbs that you can turn on as an aesthetic nightlight in your room.

But here’s something else you might want to get to complete the tiny universe you have on your bedside table: these stunning lamps made to look like planets in the solar system!

moon rocks ph lamp 3

I fell in love at first glance with these planet lamps by Moon Rocks PH, a local store founded by four passionate individuals who wanted to express their curiosity about the wonders of the universe and help you create a magical atmosphere in your home or in your office.

Not only are they so pretty to look at but they serve a great purpose; they can effectively reduce your stress and anxiety when winding down at night and can even help you sleep better because of the built-in mood lighting. And when you aren’t using it during the daytime, they make wonderful decorations on your shelf or on your table. You won’t be able to stop yourself from marveling at it from time to time, especially because they’re designed to look like the real thing.

Here are the different planet lamps you can find on Moon Rocks PH:

The Galactic Lamp

moon rocks ph lamp 1

The Galactic Lamp, featuring bright stars and splendid nebulas, will leave you in awe of the vastness of the universe we live in. Anyone with a deep appreciation for space will definitely enjoy having this in their room.

The Bubble Gum Lamp

moon rocks ph lamp 5

The Bubble Gum Lamp looks like a psychedelic alien planet from the far reaches of the universe. That, or it’ll remind you of tie-dye projects or colorful candy. It’ll definitely give your room that much-needed pop of color!

The Earth Lamp

moon rocks ph lamp 2

Undoubtedly my favorite among the three is the Earth Lamp, which looks as realistic as one could hope it would. Though it doesn’t provide an accurate map of the world like a globe would, it’s still a beautiful piece of decor that serves as a constant reminder for me to always be kind to our homeworld.

Each of these lamps comes with its own charging cable, a wooden stand, and remote control that lets you explore the different colors available.

moon rocks ph lamp 4

Need more convincing? See our article on why everybody wants a moon lamp, and why it’s worth buying.

Get your planet lamp while they’re on sale!

Moon Rocks PH


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