Monggo, Lumpia, Pandesal with Kesong Puti To Be Served At Duterte’s Inauguration

What’s on the menu for incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s inauguration? According to his camp, monggo, lumpia, and pandesal with kesong puti will be served to 600 guests at the Rizal Hall in Malacañang for this momentous occasion!

Lumpia made from Quorn

Duterte’s camp revealed the details of the menu at the inauguration, saying that they catered to Duterte’s wishes of having a simple feast with finger food.


According to local reports, Via Mare, behind the popular Café Via Mare, will be catering at the inauguration. Via Mare has also catered for several landmark events such as the papal visit of St. John Paul II, the 1995 Miss Universe pageant, and the 2007 ASEAN Summit in Cebu.

An interesting choice!

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