Mojofly releases new single of hope: “Pwede Naman”

Another exciting, new single from MOJOFLY is here!

“Pwede Naman” is a self-produced track following the release of the single Kapit-Lapit in August this year. It was written by Lougee and Ali Alejandro in a collaborative effort with the band during the quarantine period. 


The song gives a clear message of hope to everyone who struggles to find hope and purpose in the present world. 

mojofly pwede na copy

Art by Ali

The song “Pwede Naman” is reminiscent of 90s OPM rock. Combining the sound of Kiko Montecillo on keyboard, Mark Gelbolingo on Bass Guitar, Beejay Valera on Lead Guitar, Ali Alejandro on drums, and Lougee Alejandro on vocals—the band pays homage to their roots tugging away at your heartstrings, leaving you feeling nostalgic. 


“The process is different this time,” says Lougee, “as the whole world is starting to embrace the new norm in recording and live performance, we too have adapted and learned to work with the  given tools and time that we have.”


“Ali and I never stopped making music even during the start of the lockdown. Even Kiko, Beejay, and Mark have found a way to track their instruments from home some were done in our living room. This is our work-from-home setup. Through correspondence and technology, we were able to piece them together.” 


The album art is an original piece by Ali. It reflects the song’s message of embracing the presence of greatness and how humanity will overcome its worries through the test of time. 


The band with an effort to raise positivity and awareness hopes that music will still find its way into our lives and continue to unite us albeit the circumstances. 


Mojofly celebrates its 21st year with twin singles “Kapit-Lapit” and “Pwede Naman” now available on digital platforms worldwide. For more information you may follow them on IG: @mojoflyph and FB: Mojofly Official and Youtube Channel: MOJOFLY PH