MODUS OPERANDI: Man Hits Himself Against Moving Car to Collect Money

MODUS OPERANDI Man Hits Himself Against Moving Car to Collect Money


When it comes to road accidents involving pedestrians, most of us sympathize with the pedestrian and blame the accident on the driver. Some people have taken advantage of this, and hit themselves against cars on purpose to collect money. This seems to be a new modus operandi in Quiapo, Manila, and was captured on CCTV footage.

In the footage, a man is seen walking along a sidewalk next to a white van. For some reason, he keeps looking back. After a few seconds, he was seen throwing himself against the van then walking again as if he was injured. 

According to Joey Uy Jamisola, chairman of Bgy. 306 in Quiapo, the “victim” in the video gets into the vehicle and speaks with the driver, a Filipino-Chinese businesswoman. Jamisola, who was there, suggested going to the baranggay since there’s a CCTV recording of the incident. When they got there, the “victim” stood up and ran away.

Jamisola says this is a new modus where the “victim” asks for money between P5,000 to P20,000. He said that this incident with the businesswoman was the third of its kind. To prevent it, he encourages people to file cases to get them arrested.


Watch the footage below:



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