Moderne Culinaire Academy’s Second Batch of Aspiring Chefs End Their Term With A Degustacion

Degustation — a culinary term meaning a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods and focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company.


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Chicken Terrine


When in Manila, and searching for a culinary school that would help you learn the essentials of professional cooking and arm you with competitive kitchen skills, the MODERNE CULINAIRE ACADEMY would definitely be one to consider.


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Seafood Quenelle


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 My Take on Corned Pork


Fairly new in the industry, MCA just ended the term for its second batch of students who recently had a culminating activity held on the school grounds.


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 Rafael Ochosa of Batch 2


Family, friends, and guests of the students all sat together to enjoy a 14-course meal consisting of their own original recipes.


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Beef Fillet Grain with Wild Mushroom Ragu, Peas Puree, and Potato Croquettes


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 Fruit Pavlovas