mochisals: The Softest and Most Addicting Pandesals I’ve Tried So Far

Ube cheese pandesal can be found practically anywhere nowadays. And while there are a lot of places that offer good pandesal, it is quite rare to come across pandesal that you find yourself craving for and daydreaming about. That’s the kind of pandesal that mochisals has to offer.

Nix Syjuco is a single mother of a 5-year-old who doubles as the Assitant Vice President of Unionbank and an early morning baker for mochisals. Just like everyone else, their family went through an ube pandesal phase. After going through and comparing various ube pandesals in the market, they decided to bake some themselves – something that would suit their own preferences. They wanted something soft with less air and more filling – very much like mochi – and that’s exactly what they created!

Photo from Mochisals

Since their mantra has always been “If you create something good, share it”, they shared their successful creations with friends, family, neighbors, and even frontliners. They started selling their products when Nix’s mom lost her job and her caretaker was taking care of her siblings and kids who had also lost their jobs.

mochisals’ products are a Pinoy fusion with a delicious blast of flavors from the mochi and the pandesal. It is flavorful, generous in ingredients, and satisfying for the tummy. It is chewy and dense with a dusting of fine snowflake-colored breadcrumbs. The fact that they are bright and aesthetic and will instantly put a smile on your face is actually just a plus. One bite and you’ll instantly realize that the burst of flavors in your mouth is well worth the money and the calories – sweet, savory, and umami all rolled into one bouncy bun!

Photo from Mochisals

mochisals delivers their products all around the Metro through food delivery couriers. They recommend eating their mochisals right away, but you can also refrigerate or freeze them if you have leftovers… though trust me: you won’t have any. We got a LOT of Mochisals and there were NONE left by day’s end.

Make sure to try their Ube Leche Mochisal, which is the perfect fix of ube with a generous amount of leche flan for all of the leche flan lovers out there! (Though honestly… you should try all of their flavors!)


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