Mochi brownies, orange crinkles, and other delicious desserts from Bake with Shyummy!

Have you been snacking extra lately from being stuck at home? There’s nothing wrong with a little treat now and then and I’ve always been told that there’s always room for dessert. But the regular old cake can get a little tired now and then–you need something fresh and exciting for snack time and dessert. Has your mind ever conceived a mochi brownie? How about orange crinkles? Look no further, Bake with Shyummy is here for you.


Unique desserts that are delicious at the same time? Sign me up. Bake with Shyummy has a blend of traditional desserts (like cupcakes) with more quirky, special ones like orange crinkles (they’re so good and citrusy, you need to try them). And even if they’ve got quite the range in terms of the products they sell, you can bet they’re all absolutely delicious no matter what.


The first thing we tried were the choco weave cupcakes. Look how beautifully decorated they are! That’s another thing about Bake with Shyummy, everything is so beautiful and thoughtfully-made–we love them! The cupcake itself was moist and flavorful and the icing wasn’t overly sweet–it was the perfect chocolatey bite. If you’re a chocolate lover, you need these in your life.

We had the beary banana cupcakes next and even if I’m not a big banana fan, I loved how these were prepared. Also–look at those BEARS! How cute are they? The amount of love and care that went into them is very evidently seen. We almost hesitated to eat them because they were so darn cute. It had everything I loved about banana bread but in cupcake form with a delicious frosting to top it all off.

Someone took a bite! (It was me)

The choco mochi squares (or mochi brownies as I like to refer to them) look very unassuming at first, but once you take a bite into that deliciously soft surface, you know it’s something else entirely. With the gel-like consistency of mochi but the richness of a brownie, your brain will probably be confused–but in the best way possible. I was eating this with a happy question mark over my head. It was so delicious and chocolatey but felt light like mochi. There’s simply nothing like it in the market–you’ve got to try these out. I was so addicted I finished them all almost immediately (which is good because the instructions are to consume them as soon as possible–which I did).

Last but definitely not least were the orange crinkles. Citrusy, sweet, tangy, it was everything that I wanted in a dessert that would wake me up. If you’re tired of all the chocolates and strawberries out there, these orange crinkles are definitely a must-try. They’re so moist with a hint of sweetness from the orange and the powdered sugar and with a zing of tang that it energizes you from the very first bite. It was so special that my heart broke when I realized there was only one left in the box! Goodbye, sweet orange crinkles. I loved you so.

The brand is named Bake with Shyummy because the owner’s nickname is Shammy and she loves to bake and make yummy desserts–thus: Bake with Shyummy was born. Her passion for baking is very evident in her products–everything is delectable, flavorful, and delicious. Plus! Many of her desserts are unique.

If you need some more snacks while watching Netflix or a great idea to change up dessert with your family, Bake with Shyummy is the way to go!

Bake with Shyummy


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