MMK: Mga Markadong Komersyal

MMK, which stands for Mga Markadong Komersyal reminds us of these:

The character of Karen, the girl whom her grandfather always mistakenly called as Gina.

The old lady who turned into a beautiful fairy and rewarded the guy with his wish.

An actual sports car cut in half, loudly dropping from the sky.

MMKMMK: Mga Markadong Komersyal 

Do you still remember these?

These are just some of the memorable tv ads that really captured the heart of the Filipino
viewers. What’s the secret behind the success of every unforgettable ad? Or the real question
is, “is there really a secret? MMK aims to answer these questions on November 25,2013.

The “Unexpect3D” (BAPR 4-3D) will conduct a seminar about the most unforgettable TV ads, which is aptly entitled as MMK-Mga Markadong Komersyal.

This will be on the 25th  day of November 2013 from 7:00-11;00p.m at the Brentwood Apartelle, Baguio City.

Please visit for more information.


MMK: Mga Markadong Komersyal

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