Mix Bakers’ Mini Basque Burnt Cheesecakes Will Melt in Your Mouth

You’ve probably tried basque burnt cheesecakes by now, but have you tried mini basque burnt cheesecakes? You might think they’re the same, but smaller; but Mix Bakers’ versions are in a whole different league!

Photo from Mix Bakers

21-year-old Mika is currently in her last semester in college, but she has already gotten some great training from her internship abroad in Hongkong’s JW Marriott Hotel – enough training to start an online business during quarantine, anyway… and a delicious and well thought out one at that.

Wanting to spend her time during quarantine wisely, Mika consulted with her aunt, a chef in Texas and the owner of Sachi’s. When regular-sized basque burnt cheesecakes started to boom here in the Philippines, Mika decided to offer something fairly different: mini versions of it. Her aunt generously shared her recipe with her; and from there, Mika practiced everyday for three weeks straight until she got the consistency that she wanted. And it is the perfect consistency, I’m telling you!

Photo from Mix Bakers

I’ve tasted quite a few basque burnt cheesecakes by now, but this is the first one I really fell in love with and got absolutely addicted to. Mix Bakers’ mini basque burnt cheesecakes are so good, I found myself hiding them from the rest of my family so that I could have a ready stash throughout the next couple of days. (It may be embarrassing to admit that, but I HAVE NO REGRETS!!!)

The minute I bit into one, I knew that it was of a different league. It is nothing like I had tasted before. It’s soft and creamy, and literally melts in your mouth. And the taste… I can’t even begin to describe it! It’s light, too; so your stomach won’t feel heavy after eating one… or two… or three. :p You seriously have to taste it yourself. You can really tell that Mix Bakers bakes their cheesecakes fresh everyday with nothing but ingredients of the best quality.

Photo from Mix Bakers

Mika shares that her goal has always been to open up her own restaurants in different places. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she realized that she had to be able to adapt and adjust to current events – and that’s exactly what she did. ” To the young people who want to start their own business, you are never too young to do so,” she points out. “Regardless of your age; if you are passionate about something, go for it and don’t be afraid to fail. Your failures are what will make you even better.” Such an inspiring lady!

Photo from Mix Bakers

Mix Bakers caters to Metro Manila and Rizal via different couriers. Mika suggests keeping the cheesecakes refrigerated until you’re ready to eat them. You can just reheat them in the microwave or in an oven for about a minute if you prefer yours warm. You can even pair them with coffee if you love yourself a cup of joe.

I’ve tried all of the versions mentioned above, and they taste great all the way. In case you have leftovers (which I doubt you will) or simply want to reserve some for the next few days (which I suggest you do), these cheesecakes will last for a whole week. Mine didn’t last an entire week, but i can attest that these mini cheesecakes will remain soft and melt-in-your-mouth good for three days. Seriously: TRY. THEM.

And ooooooh, I heard that Mix Bakers will be releasing a new flavor soon! I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Mix Bakers


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