Mitasu Releases New Platters for Their Yakiniku Sets

Words by Sophia Teaño / Photos by Lisa Marie David and Courtney Sayson / Graphics by Verna Sevilla and Sophia Teaño

If you’re looking for your next Japanese meal stopover, then you might want to drop by Mitasu. Mitasu is a Japanese restaurant offering a homegrown menu created by their chef, and they are releasing a new line of platters for their yakiniku sets.

The restaurant’s specialty, yakiniku, comes from the term yaki, meaning grill, and niku meaning meat. Mitasu features a built-in burner in their grilling stations with an exhaust underneath their form platform so that the smell of the food won’t stick to you.  People look forward to their beef, imported from Japan, Australia, and the US.

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Here are their latest offerings:

The Fisherman’s Catch of the Day (Php1600):

tiger prawns, scallops, salmon belly, oyster, squid tube

The Pork Barrel (Php900):

pork belly, enoki bacon, sausage, Kurobuta, pork loin, pork shoulder

The Trifecta (Php1200):

pork belly, short plate, chuck eye, chicken wing, chicken yakitori, sausage, enoki bacon

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