Missy MNL: Get Custom Shirts, Hoodies, Patches, and Stickers from This Local Brand

Words by Leika Golez
Photos by Joshua Go

Who doesn’t love custom items?

It’s definitely cute to wear matchy-matchy shirts sometimes, especially with your SO. Or perhaps even with your barkada or work mates to show a little team spirit.

Plus, getting custom items made is also a good alternative to splurging on fandom merch. As much as we’d all love to buy a Hogwarts house hoodie or a Game of Thrones shirt, those can get quite pricey!

And with that, here’s the solution to all of your problems: Missy MNL.


Missy MNL is a local store that produces custom shirts, hoodies, patches, stickers, and other giveaway items. You can get your own designs printed, though they also have their own designs. Notably, these cute designs are made by local artists, so you’ll definitely be supporting your fellow Filipinos!


But their items aren’t just cute. They’re great quality too! My fellow interns and I got a batch t-shirt made, and I can say without any doubts that you get more than what you pay for. In any way at all, the fabric doesn’t feel cheap or too thin. In fact, it’s not too thick either for the sweltering Manila weather. It’s really just the perfect amount of comfort.

Also, the prints on my shirts usually separate and fade away after a few washes, but this particular shirt is an exception. In spite of the fact that I’ve worn the shirt a good number of times (because it’s so cute and comfy), it still looks good as new.

If you’re not ready to commit to clothing merch, then their other custom-made items are just as good! Get ready to choose from a wide selection of stickers, keychains, patches, and magnets.


For your convenience too, you can simply view their designs on their social media accounts and message your orders there. There are detailed size charts available so you won’t have to guess your size. They sometimes also have some discounts and promos available, so watch out for that to save even more money!

With Missy MNL, you can get good quality custom items. Whether it’s that barkada t-shirt you and your friends have always wanted, or a hoodie referencing your favorite TV show, or maybe even just a new sticker pack for your laptop case – you can find it all here.

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