Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados’ Dream Is To Get To Know Her Father

Gazini Ganados, our next bet for the Miss Universe crown, confessed to ABS-CBN that one of her hopes is to meet the father she never knew. Gazini was raised by her single mother, Carmencita Ganados, and her side of the family from Dapitan, Zamboanga. She has never even met her Palestinian father.

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Photo from Cosmo

Still, she holds no hard feelings against him. In fact, she said that meeting him would be something greatly important to her: “I’m in no rush of meeting him but someday, finally, I will have the time to complete myself, my soul, and to thank him for the genes.” Ganados has even considered tracking him down during the Miss Universe 2019 pageant should it be held in Dubai (where her father supposedly is).

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Her father isn’t the only thing on her mind as she reported her plans to work for the question-and-answer portion for Miss Universe 2019. After seeing the bashing and criticisms of her performance from social media users she resolved to improve for the next step in her journey.

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